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We've been making quality, affordable, handmade silver, gold and diamond rings and other jewellery since 1972, selling them in Covent Garden since 1981.
We are the longest standing trader at the weekend craft market at Jubilee Market Hall and we continue to uphold the integrity represented by the UK's unique regulation and control of precious metals, which is the most stringent in the world.
We proudly believe the centuries old tradition of hallmarking by independent regional assay offices, giving buyers the reassurance of quality and traceability, is second to none.


Covent Garden

Come and see us in the heart of London, at the craft market 

in Jubilee Market Hall, Covent Garden

every Saturday & Sunday

Geoff 2 1981.jpg


Back in the day....

Geoff and Whichcraft have made Jubilee Market their home for the last 4 decades

Still 1981

Quality jewellery at an affordable price

Geoff 1981.jpg


Whichcraft of Covent Garden

Same name (nearly), same ethos and, until recently, probably still the same black cloth over the stall!

Still offering quality, hand-made jewellery at an affordable price


Jubilee Market Hall

A listed building, built in 1904. The refurbished market hall was re-opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1987.

Old Jubilee Market.jpg

Historic Covent Garden

Back in the day....

Iconic and with many changes of fortune and appearance over the centuries - but always a market at heart

A better class of clientele...

God bless you ma'am

Jubilee Market.jpg


The modern Jubilee Market Hall

Well into a new Millennium and adapting with the modern world

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