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Geoff Had A Dream

Geoff Maynard had a dream. He wanted to make rings. ​Not just any rings - he actually wanted to make The One Ring. He says: "I read this famous book when I was around 12 years old. The story of the magic ring worn first by Gollum, then by Bilbo and finally Frodo, entranced me so much that it is what lured me into making rings for a living."​Driven by this passion, he learned to make rings, honing his craft, building his repertoire, until he had enough in his armoury to start Whichcraft in 1972. Opening a stall on Covent Garden soon after and continuing to sell hand-made gold, silver and diamond rings, Geoff has been trading as Whichcraft ever since, with the Whichcraft stall becoming the oldest (and one of the originals) on the weekend craft market at Jubilee Market Hall in Covent Garden. In 2021, as the world began to emerge from the global lock-down from the Covid 19 pandemic, Geoff recognised he needed to inject new life and new blood into his baby. Step forward his cousins Jacqueline and Michelle. As the ladies bring their new enthusiasm, ideas and energy to the business they've learned from the master how to work with the various elemental forces to create beautiful and stylish jewellery, to continue the journey

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